Dispute Resolution

Who/when to turn to us

A company can find itself in a crisis situation for many reasons. Financial and business-related causes are most common, but legal structures can also result in equally perilous situations. You can turn to us when a dispute needs to be resolved. We can develop effective strategies that strive to achieve the best possible solution and mitigate risks to the extent possible. If necessary, we can represent you before court and authorities as well as in front of arbitration panels and in other alternative dispute resolution processes in order to safeguard your interests. Our litigation team has represented clients in civil and administrative disputes, icl. tax cases.                                                                                                                                                                 

Our approach

We have extensive experience in insolvency processes, development of solutions for sale of problematic assets and for restructuring, and we can represent you in such processes. Our integrated approach addresses many eventualities since we base the restructuring plans on an assessment of all avenues and options offered under commercial, corporate, insolvency and employment law.

Andis Pauniņš

Attorney at Law, Head of Dispute Resolution Practice Group

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Līna Gavare

Senior Associate

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Ronalds Vītols

Senior Associate, Head of Public Procurement Practice Group

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Ņikita Kovaļovs

Junior Associate

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